12:20 PM PDT 9/17/2017 Scott Roxborough

Gregory Kasyan and Lindsay Burdge took acting honors at the German art house festival.

Familye, gangster drama set in Berlin’s ethnic Turkish community, has won the German Independence Award, the top prize at the Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany.

A black-and-white feature from first-time director Kubilay Sarikaya and Sedat Kirtan, Familye is a true indie, having been made completely outside Germany’s film subsidy system.

Oldenburg’s acting honors, the Seymour Cassel Awards, went to Lindsay Burdge for her performance in Nathan Silver’s Thirst Street and to Gregory Kasyan for his role in Quest, the debut feature of director Santiago Rizzo.

In Thirst Street, Burdge plays an American flight attendant who gets tangled up in a complicated affair with a Parisian bartender she meets on a layover. In Quest, Kasyan plays a 12-year-old boy from an abusive household who finds a mentor in his high school football coach (Dash Mihok). Lou Diamond Phillips plays the boy’s abusive step-father.

Phillips attended the festival, where he received a German Independence Honorary Award for his life’s work. Edward R. Pressman, producer of such features as Badlands, Wall Street, American Psycho and Bad Lieutenant, was also so honored.

Special mention went to the ensemble cast of Blind & Ugly, a romantic drama about a not-too-handsome man and a not-really-blind woman, from German director Tom Lass.

Oldenburg’s best short film prize went to helmers Thierry Besseling and Loic Tanson for Sur Le Fil, with a special mention for Philipp Andonie’s Vand.

The 24th Oldenburg Film Festival concluded Sunday.




Source: Hollywood Reporter